Natural Teeth Whitening

It is really important to know natural teeth whitening methods so you can get free maximum use of natural ways of tooth whitening without need to the artificial and chemical ways to whiten your tooth. In the past natural teeth whitening methods was the only way to get healthy white teeth, before the existence of dentist or other chemical products in the markets. So let’s know some useful ways and tips to make natural teeth whitening smile:
1-      First you need to take care of cleaning your tooth after all meal you should brush your tooth and even rinse your mouth and tooth to get rid of food waists in your mouth and teeth.
2-      Use floss after meals especially outside home, you can use it also indoors while you watch TV or at bedtime.
3-      Chew a gum after eating this also a good way to prevent plaque building and eliminate food residuals from mouth.
4-      Stop smoking this is better for your health. Nonsmokers have better whiter tooth and they can get whiter tooth easily.
5-      Fluoride water and fluoride toothpaste reported as a reason for staining tooth so try to avoid using them.
6-      Reduce coffee and tea drinking they are main cause of tooth staining, rinse with water your mouth after drinking any of them
7-      Wine and Colas the same as coffee and tea, they make tooth pigments so reduce drinking them and rinse your teeth with water after them.
8-      Drink a lot of water to get rid of residuals from your tooth and mouth.
9-      Eat more fruits and vegetables specially raw kinds like salads
10-  Use orange peel to scrub your tooth to have natural tooth whitening results. It is organic natural way then rinses your mouth.
11-  Use lemon juice and salt as a mixture to scrub your tooth then rinses your mouth.
12-  Rub your tooth with strawberries and leave it for five munities on the tooth before rinsing well your mouth.
13-   Avoid fast food because it hurt your health and tooth.
So that was some natural teeth whitening tips to keep your tooth healthy, white and keep your perfect brite teeth smile.