Bright Smile Teeth Whitening Methods

Everybody is dreaming and wishing to have bright smile teeth whitening solutions that attract people and make him happy. Market is full of bright smile teeth whitening products that may help you to get your tooth shine and white.
Tooth turned yellow and darker over years from drinking a lot of soda, coffee, tea, red wine, and also from smoking cigarettes. Yellow tooth is easy to make it white and bright.
To get your bright smile teeth whitening result there are some tips and explanation of type of products in the market that will improve your personality and self-confidence:
1-      The teeth whitening toothpaste which is easy and normal to use it daily and after each meal, you can see your bright smile tooth bleaching result in two weeks and this bleaching toothpaste makes smooth polishing for your tooth, fights cavities and shields your tooth from future staining.
2-      The teeth whitening mouthwash which is another easy and normal product to use to get your bright smile tooth bleaching result in also two weeks. It is preferred to use after the first method (tooth bleaching toothpaste) because it will reach the spaces between your tooth that the toothbrush couldn’t reach with your toothpaste.
3-      The teeth whitening pens which are a temporally solution because it temporary coating your tooth for 24 hours. It can be used for special occasion or fast short-term results.
The first and second ways have long lasting results and permanent effect for bright smile tooth bleaching treatment than the tooth bleaching pens specially if they used on regular basis, but the tooth bleaching pens have the instant and temporary effect.
All the three previous results are safe and have no bad effects and you will find your tooth become gradually whiter few scales each week until you reach the specific white color you like.
The best way ever is to go to professional dentist to have permanent bright smile teeth whitening effect in less than one hour in only one visit session and longtime results but it is more expensive than the previous home products.